Ways to clean and detail your vehicle

If you are a car lover, then, for sure, you spend a lot of time washing your vehicle. Back in the day, all we had was a bucket of water with soap in it and a sponge, and we used a towel to dry. Now, you can walk into an auto parts store; you will see all kinds of tools that will make your job easier when it comes to washing and waxing your vehicle. They even have ways to get that spot free rinse, so you won’t get water spots. When it comes to wax back in the day, it was hard to get it off after it dried, but now, you can spray and wipe, and it is done.

Here are a few ways you can keep your ride looking good.

Car washing soap

They make a bunch of different types of soap for your vehicle. If your car or truck has a new paint job or is brand new, then you should go with a softer soap so that it won’t be too hard on the paint. Make sure to use a soft sponge, so you don’t scratch the paint either. It is a good idea to rinse your vehicle before applying any soap. If it is hot, then only do a section at a time so that the soap won’t dry onto the car.



When it comes to waxing, they make a lot of different types of waxes. If your vehicle has faded paint, they have a wax that will bring back the color and make it look new again. They have wax that will rub on and then wipe off or the one that you rub on and let it sit for a while then buff it out.

When you are waxing a car or truck, you should ask someone that works at the auto parts store what would be the best brand to get that brand new look back. When it comes to making your car look new again, it is in the wax.


Car cleaning kits

Recommended Car Cleaning Kits will be your best bet. If you are not sure about what all goes into cleaning your car or truck, then a kit is the best way to go. A good car cleaning kit should have the soap, wax, and sponges. It should also come with a spot free rinse and shammy.










A Guide To Understanding More About Jacks

Jacks help automotive mechanics and owners to lift the vehicles during repair. If you are a beginner in the auto world, these there is much you need to know about these devices. They come in a variety each of which has a different purpose. Most starters make a mistake when buying a jack which may be costly if it cannot perform the intended tasks well. Below is a small guide on jacks for the car enthusiasts and the mechanics.

A guide to understanding more about jacks

Different types of jacks you should know


  • Scissor jacks – they are the commonly used jacks on vehicles while on the go. Their main purpose is to lift the car while changing a flat tire or any other related repairs. They are part of the vehicle package due to their ease of use and portability in the trunk of a car. According to an auto expert, this is not the type of a lifting jack one will find in a serious garage since it is made for light tasks.
  • Bottle jack – This is a hydraulic mechanism jack and can be found in most cars as well. As much as it does not come with some vehicles, most car users add it to the truck since it is effective and easy to use. Additionally, it can lift higher than the scissor jack.
  • Hydraulic floor jack – this is the common lifting device one will find in a garage. People cannot carry it in the vehicles but will usually have it in a garage. The hydraulic is connected to a floor trolley with four wheels, and a long bar is attached to apply force. You can get more information about the best floor jack from the web.

How to buy a jack

When buying a jack for your auto needs, it is crucial to consider some of the points as outlined below;


  • The purpose – only after knowing the purpose of the jack that you can decide whether to buy a scissor jack or the hydraulic floor jack.
  • The weight it can lift – it is for sure that different types of jacks have various lifting capabilities. It is, therefore, crucial to ask the maximum weight it can lift or research online for such information. People need to
  • The price – every person is concerned about the price of the items they buy. Some sellers may be expensive than others so one must be cautious to avoid extortion. However, if the jack can provide value for money, then it is worth to buy.


The above insights are enough to guide for any starter in automobiles to know which jack is good for them. A car should never go out without a jack and a spare functional tire.…

National Geographic Atlas of the World (book) – Julie Roch-Cuerrier

National Geographic Atlas of the World
Sanded world atlas, 47cm x 62cm, Edition of 2 books, 2013


The Cure — Never Enough — Listen, watch, download and discover music for free at Last.fm

“Never Enough” is a song by British alternative rock group The Cure, featured on their 1990 album Mixed Up. Unlike most other Cure songs of this era, the song was unexpectedly guitar-oriented, featuring no synthesizers.

Upon release as a single, “the cure never enough” topped the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for three weeks. On the album, it is subtitled “Big Mix”.

Although Perry Bamonte is on the single cover and appears in the music video, he does not have a songwriting…

Mark Story: Could less (seating capacity) be more for Kentucky Speedway?

This winter, there has been more “reducing” going on in NASCAR than at Jenny Craig.

Daytona International Speedway is removing its 46,500-seat backstretch grandstand. That will reduce capacity at NASCAR’s marquee venue to 101,500.

Bruton Smith’s Speedway Motorsports Inc. — the company that owns Kentucky Speedway — removed 41,000 seats at Charlotte Motor Speedway and 17,000 seats at Atlanta, find out the texas motor speedway seating capacity. That drops the total capacity at Charlotte to 89,000 and Atlanta to 75,000.

Conversely, the Kentucky Speedway grandstands still hold 106,000. At this point, the Sparta track has more seats than iconic NASCAR bastions Daytona, Talladega (down to 78,000 from 108,000) and Charlotte.

Since attendance at Kentucky Speedway has been lukewarm since the 2011 “Carmageddon” traffic snarl , I asked track General Manager Mark Simendinger if there were plans to reduce seating capacity in Sparta, too.…