Why Is a Used Car Report History Important?

When buying a used car, you should always insist on getting the vehicle’s report history. This will enable you to understand the history of the vehicle that you purchase that, in turn, helps you make various informed decisions. Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should check car registration before making  purchasing any second hand vehicle. 


A car that has been involved in several accidents can potentially have car accident sceneseveral unexpected or hidden issues. These issues would typically not be present in new cars. Buying a car that has been involved in an accident is risky. Irrespective of how well the vehicle was restored after crashing. In the worst scenarios, the problems may compromise the safety of the car. A vehicle’s history report will enable you to determine if the car has ever been in an accident and if so, the number of accidents it has been involved in.


It is also essential that you know the exact number of miles that the car has covered before you make the purchase. The information will help you to determine the kind of service that the vehicle will require as well as how often it will need to be serviced. You can then factor in the associated cost in the buying price of the used car to ensure that you get a good deal. Mileage can also give you an idea of how much wear-and-tear is on the significant parts such as engine and drive-train have undergone. This will provide you with a good idea of how long the car will serve you.


car in floodsThere are chances that the used car may have water damage, even if floods are not a common occurrence where you live. This is because a used car might be sold far from where flooding occurred. Checking the car history report is an excellent way of determining if it has flood damage. In most cases, flooding usually affects the intake and exhaust of the car as well as sensitive electronics.

Title Checks

A car’s history report can also give you information about the status of the title for the vehicle. The vehicle should have a clean title, which means that no insurance company has ever written it off. It also means that the car has no financial holds or liens against it.